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We are Round Table Midrand and through various initiatives support and uplift our local communities.  Today, we are asking for donations of any non-perishable food or suitable donations for Hlakanang Drop-In Centre.

Hlakanang Drop-In Centre is primarily focused on feeding orphaned and vulnerable children within the Kaalfontein informal settlement.  With Florence, a Kaalfontein resident, and the generosity of the community, we try to feed these children (between 100-150) 2 to 3 times a week.  For obvious reasons, the donations have reduced recently, and the need has increased.  Therefore, any contribution to this very worthwhile cause will be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to speak to any of the Round Table Midrand members should you have any questions and thank you for your support.

Click here for more information about Hlakanang Drop In Centre.


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The Hlakanang Feeding Scheme

This project was actually started after coming into contact with ‘Hlakanang Drop in center’, who have been feeding orphans and destitute children for more than 8 years, by a lady by the name of Florence, from her own home.

On 13 March 2017. Midrand 253 had our first lunch at the container – which fed over 100 kids ! For a lot of these kids it was the best meal they have had in a while, and they went home with full stomachs.

Midrand 253 has been providing groceries and the occasional educational items to Hlakanang since the initial conception of the project back in March 2017, the feeding scheme has become a “close to the heart” project for Midrand 253. With our continued support we have managed to feed over 150  kids twice a week, with the assistance and dedication of Florence. Without these meals most children would go without food for an entire day.

Midrand 253 proudly supports the Hlakanang Drop in Centre initiative.

You can find additional information on the drop in centre Here :