Annual Bedrace


The Round Table Bed Race started way back in 1995 when 23 Teams participated with the intention to get hospital beds into institutes for the needy. Since then, Midrand Round Table has hosted the Round Table Bedrace the first Sunday of every spring.

This event has become a major date in the corporate calendar in Gauteng and the beds are donated to needy homes at the end of the race. Some of the recipients of the proceeds of this fun event are the Johannesburg Association for the Aged, SAPS, who have purchased a vehicle to combat child abuse, the Yenzani House for abused children,


The White Christmas Round Table initiative to provide a Christmas Day for a poor community, the Nokuphila School for underprivileged children in Tembisa and the Nkone Maruping Primary School’s sick room.

Each team consists of 5 members, one of which is the patient, whilst the other 4 push the patient on a hospital bed around the racetrack. Several obstacles such as popping a balloon filled with shaving cream, a jumping castle, several chicanes made of old racing tyres, the local Fire Brigade that unleashes 8000 litres on passing crews, are placed at intervals around the circuit.

Beds are ‘dressed up’ to suit a company/team name or theme where a winner for the ‘best dressed’ bed is awarded. At the end of the day, the beds are stripped of the accessories and distributed to needy hospices and homes.